Flexible Learning Programs (Southville Flex) -

Flexible Learning Programs (Southville Flex)

Southville International School and Colleges offer the Flexible Learning Program to students who may need an alternative way of learning. Southville FLEX provides an adaptable learning approach to learners across ages who aim to advance their education and careers. FLEX covers K to 12, Undergraduate and Graduate Education. Southville FLEX is the ultimate solution for those needing a convenient, flexible, and customizable international education.

K to 12 Flex (Full Asynchronous)

The K to 12 Flex is a 100% online and asynchronous program that caters to independent learners. It is offered to students who have concerns in terms of distance and class schedules. The program maintains a Learning Management System that is readily available. Students in K to 12 Flex meet their subject teachers once a week for consultations. Levels available are from Junior Kinder to Senior High School – General Academic Strand. 

Programs offered:

  • Junior Kinder & Senior Kinder Full Asynchronous
  • Grade School Full Asynchronous
  • Junior High School Full Asynchronous
  • Senior High School – GAS Full Asynchronous

Southville College Flex (Full Asynchronous or Full Tutorial)

The Southville College Flex is a 100% online program that may be taken asynchronously or through a full tutorial setup. College Flex caters to individuals living in far provinces and abroad. Students of College Flex utilize the Learning Management System of the school. 

Courses offered: 

Full Tutorial 

  • BS or AB Psychology
  • BS Business Administration major in Marketing Management
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

Full Asynchronous

  • BS or AB Psychology
  • BS Information Technology
  • *Bachelor of Elementary Education

Online UK Programmes (Full Asynchronous)

The online UK programmes are offered by Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU). The set-up is 100%  asynchronous and students utilize the Learning Management system of the school. 

Programmes Offered: