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Master of Arts in Psychology

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Why study Master of Arts in Psychology in Southville?

Southville commits to producing registered psychologists leading to the development of its graduate program.  The institution aimed for a one-stop learning point where undergraduate students can acquire a holistic training towards licensure, hence providing them a program to master their craft. Also, the Level 3 PACUCOA accreditation attained by the institution further led to the fruition of this program. The peculiarity of this field’s growing population has even captivated non-psychology practitioners to get a two-year formal education aiding to the ever changing mental and emotional stability demands of their respective careers. The pioneer batch were attended by a counselor, an athletics director,and human resource and management practitioners as such.

The Southville Graduate School Division is proud to present the inaugural issue of Flares, a quarterly newsletter of the Master of Arts in Psychology program.

Flares provides a platform whereby we can share information about the current issues in psychology, provide tips and best practices on how to improve mental wellbeing, and give a glimpse to the life of MAP faculty and students.

The Southville Graduate School Division officially opened in 2017 With the goal of becoming the top business school in the south, the increasing demand on mental health experts , and the intensive preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution, SISC then came up with Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP), and Master in Information Technology (MIT) completing its first set of graduate programsSouthville is home to celebrated personalities, medical practitioners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, among others. Southville is the training ground of future Business Technocrats and World Leaders, anchored on the school’s 5Cs Curriculum.

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Message from the Program Director

I want to create a legacy by setting the career direction for my students from undergraduate to postgraduate stage. It’s a bittersweet journey as we worked on all the resources we need to make this happen; from facilities, references, faculty, and the curriculum. For me, success speaks of how well these graduates would create an impact on people as they practice the profession.

Student Testimonial

For me, Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy was a very good introduction to my program, MA Psychology. I feel fortunate to be learning under Ms Belen Mandin. She is very supportive as a teacher, and she provides lots of academic resources through Moodle. I have been reading the materials and listening to the audio provided through the links from the website, and it has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the subject. I do feel insecure about my know-how; that is why I try to study more in my free time. To be honest, I was unsure at first about continuing the course but Ms Belen has ‘triggered’ my thirst for knowledge. She has inspired me, and I am now more excited on the kind of person I would become after finishing the MA program. I believe that Ms Belen’s subject expertise, positive qualities, and wisdom have made me appreciate the helping profession. I don’t know if I’d become a good psychologist after 3-5 years or if I’d be able to help other people but I am sure I have already helped myself.