On the Rise: Southville Institute of Tourism (SIT)

On the Rise: Southville Institute of Tourism (SIT)

The College of Tourism, now Southville Institute of Tourism or SIT celebrated the latter’s new identity catering to a broader and more diverse practitioners comprising the Tourism and Hospitality field. SIT represents quality Service which students master for a better customer satisfaction, Interpersonal Skills which students attain as they deal with all types of clients across the globe, and Training which focuses on a more practical approach advancing their knowledge on real situations that they will encounter when they officially get into the industry. The launch of its renewed brand  serves as a fresh grasp of its … [Read more]

Southville Math whizzes win big in Singapore

Southville Math whizzes win big in Singapore

Mathletes from Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) took part and won a total of three medals at the 2019 Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO X) held in Singapore last January 19, 2019. Kristner Sheyn Saludo of Gr. 5 – Loyalty won a gold medal for placing in the top 0.025% of the participating students from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Jakarta, Brunei, Timor-Leste and the Philippines.

Ervin Joshua Bautista of Gr. 6 – Perseverance, on the other hand, gained a silver medal for belonging in the next 1% while Jun Hong Jang of Gr. 12 – … [Read more]

Ninth Grader Aces Math Certification Contest

Ninth Grader Aces Math Certification Contest

A Grade 9 student from Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) passed the Suken Certification Test administered by the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan. Gwyneth Margaux Tangog of Gr. 9 – Compassion passed the 2nd Kyu level which is meant for Grade 11 students. The Suken exam has 12 certification levels called Kyus with the 1st Kyu for college graduates being the highest.

The test was divided into two parts: the “Section 1: Calculation Test” for measuring calculation skills, and the “Section 2: Application Test” for measuring applied mathematical skills. It covers topics on fractional expressions, higher-degree equations, various functions … [Read more]



The Amadeus certification program is an internationally recognized certification course training students to become proficient with the Amadeus Reservation System. Amadeus is currently the world leader in-terms of market share (49.2% US market share) and using the Amadeus system is the de-facto standard for travel agencies worldwide.

The Amadeus reservation system is used by:

  • Over 500 individual airlines
  • Over 120 individual airline websites
  • Over 99,000 travel agencies in more than 195 countries
  • Over 34,000 airline sales offices
  • Over 86,000 hotels
  • Over 24 Rental Car brands serving 36.000 locations

Students who achieve this certification will be recognized internationally as being … [Read more]



Psychology Society proudly organized the Filikula on the 29th of August inside the Mini Theater at 12:30 pm to approximately 5:30 pm. It is a film showing conducted by department to manifest its support for Buwan ng Wika. Fortunately, tickets were sold out a day before the event, and the venue was already packed a few minutes after the first film began rolling. Students coming in were asked to register first at the front desk before proceeding to enter.

Ms. Julian Pupos, psych soc’s vice president external, started off by making the spectators understand the rules inside the theatre, … [Read more]

Is the child gifted?


What constitutes Giftedness?

Officially, the definition is three percent of the student population, and with an I.Q. of over one hundred and forty. This varies from country to country, but the more able should not be confused with gifted. More able is defined as the top 15 percent. The needs of the gifted are equal to those with learning difficulties-both groups need guidance and appropriate challenges.

In most countries, the needs of the less able are more supported than those of the gifted child. Because perhaps these needs are more observed and apparent. The following are characteristic demonstrated by … [Read more]

Time Management Tips for Students

Students have a lot of going through their life. Too many projects, too many subjects to study, too many things to learn, too many terminologies to memorize, and you only have 24 hours per day. No wonder it’s never easy to manage your time effectively especially if you are studying in one of the international schools in Manila. .
Plan ahead of time.
As Benjamin Franklin put it, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is why before anything else, you need to plan ahead of time. List down all the things you need to do.
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SISC Announces New President

SISC Announces New President
Southville International School and Colleges has appointed Ms. Jocelyn P. Tizon as acting president to advance the mission and vision of the school. Tizon, who holds a Master of Business Administration from American City University and is finishing a PhD in Management from the Lyceum of the Philippines, brings to the position nineteen years of experience in senior leadership at SISC. She will succeed Dr. Marl V. Ferenal who has announced his intent to retire after serving a 19-year tenure as chief executive.
Before her newest appointment, Tizon has served as Executive Vice President and Vice President for Administration of [Read more]

This Little Monarch is the Next Big Thing

This Little Monarch is the Next Big Thing

Tchelzy Mei Maayo, currently in Grade 1, won a bronze medal in floor exercises in the recent Hong Kong International Carnival 2018. The international meet featured 600 gymnasts from 15 gymnastic clubs from 6 countries. Maayo eventually landed in the Top 8 from the 68 gymnasts who competed in her level. The floor exercises involve tumbling and dance skills that include leaps, jumps and turns while using the entire floor mat during the performance.

She developed her interest in gymnastics in the summer of 2017. After a year, she immediately ascended to Level 2.  Her coach commends her passion for [Read more]

Alumnus’ Stamps and Paper Bills Collection Arrives in Southville Museum

Alumnus’ Stamps and Paper Bills Collection Arrives in Southville Museum

SISC alumnus, Jose Enrico Quinsaat, visited Southville last January 7 with a long-held collection of stamps and paper bills donated to the school’s museum. Joined by his mother, Mrs. Zeny Quinsaat, he officially turned over his collection to support the school’s mission of providing a venue to conserve artistic and historical pieces in the southern part of Metro Manila. Each of those collected stamps and paper bills tells a story as he explored different museums in foreign lands. He was impressed by the presentation in each gallery commending it as an efficient way to allow patrons to have a full … [Read more]