Southville Alumnus Brings Good News to Vietnam -

Southville Alumnus Brings Good News to Vietnam

Former High School Student Council President Juan Alfredo Calayan expressed his unfathomable joy when he visited the school recently.
Fondly called Red by his former schoolmates, classmates and teachers, the student leader embarked on a missionary trip to Vietnam with the main goal of reaching out to its students and praying for open doors in the universities.
“We had many apprehensions since we were told that this was a very strict nation when it comes to preaching the Gospel, but praise God, when we arrived there, they welcomed us with arms wide open,” shared Red.
Though a non-sectarian school, SISC has several spiritual and values programs like the LIFE Functional Skills Program that are aimed to mold the students to become active and involved movers of society. By equipping SISC students with the 5Cs (Competence, Character, Collaboration and Creativity to Achieve), Southville believes that all students are capable of becoming great in their respective calling and giftedness. Red’s pursuit of sharing the good news to the world can be called a validation of the school’s commitment to become an active catalyst of change.