Southville International School and Colleges Distinguised SISC/SGEN Alumnus/Alumna Award -

Southville International School and Colleges Distinguised SISC/SGEN Alumnus/Alumna Award


The ultimate success of an educational institution is measured in the achievements of its alumni. Founded in 1990, Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) has envisioned its students to become leaders and movers of society who are imbued with the 5 Cs of success: Competence, Character, Creativity, Collaboration, and commitment to Achieve. With a vast number of SISC alumni bringing honor to the nation and adding prestige to SISC through their success in their professions, service to society, contribution to their communities, winning in various national and international competitions, SISC and the SISC Alumni Association (SISCAA) established the Distinguished SISC Alumnus/Alumna Award program to give them recognition and honor so that they may serve as exemplars of the various philosophies that the Southville Global Education Network (SGEN) members espouse such as the SISC 5 Cs of Success: Competence, Character, Creativity, Collaboration, and Commitment to Achieve; or the South Mansfield College’s AVID (Academic Excellence, Values excellence, Interpersonal sensitivity, and Drive to Succeed); or Stonyhurst Southville International School’s Quant de Puis. The awards are to be presented yearly during the Foundation Week/Founder’s Day to keep the institutional spirit alive.


1. To recognize SISC/SGEN graduates or former students who have been successful in living out the values and philosophy of the institution (5Cs of Success for SISC; AVID for SMC, CARE for SSLC, Quant De Puis for SSIS) as manifested by their accomplishments, affiliations, and success in endeavours in the fields of professional services, communication, sciences, technology, business or entrepreneurship, art. Literary, government service, social development, environment protection, etc. industry practice, information technology, business or entrepreneurship, art, literary, government service, social development, environment protection, etc., thereby contributing to the community at the local, regional, national or international levels.

2. To recognize SISC alumni or former students who have made significant contributions to society, and who have honored the legacy of excellence (5 Cs of Success) in SISC and SEED Academy; (AVID) in SMC; (Quant De Puis) in SSIS; (CARE ) in SSLC.

3. To recognize alumni/former students whom future graduates would want to emulate, thus developing more graduates of the same outstanding quality.


1. Each academic year, a Committee shall be formed by the TOP Management. Usually, this is headed by the Corporate Communication Center.

2. The Committee shall evaluate the qualifications and recommend to the Board of Trustees the winnerfor the Distinguished SISC Alumnus/Alumna Award for approval. Once approved by the Board of Trustees, the decision shall be final. No appeal will be entertained


Eligible nominees are SISC alumni, former students who finished at least two full years in SISC Preschool, Grade School, or High School; or at least two full semesters in college, former students or alumni who are presently affiliated or are working in SISC. Former students who have departed but are qualified may be nominated posthumously.


Former SISC students/alumni who are:

1. Sitting officers of the SISCAA
2. Members of the Selection Committee

VI. Method of Nomination

Nominations may be made for a Distinguished SISC Alumnus Award by any of the following individuals or groups below:

1. Any member of the SISCAA or its affiliate organizations
2. Any member of the SISC management, faculty or staff who is not a member of the current Selection Committee;
3. Any member of an affiliate or support organization of SISC,
4. Any former SISC faculty or staff;
5. Any SISC former student;
6. Any supporter of SISC.

Nominations will be accepted using the following guidelines:

1. The SISC Alumni Officer provides an Award Nomination Form online at
2. In addition to completing and submitting the Award Nomination Form (required), nominators are encouraged to provide supporting items that further distinguish the nominee. Such items include, but are not limited to:

a. Letter of nomination written by the nominator (required)
b. Updated biography or curriculum vitae of the individual
c. Newspaper and magazine articles
d. Copies of Award or certificates of achievement
e. Other items of interest

3.   Nomination forms will be held for each individual for a period of five years. If an individual is not selected for the award, his or her Award Nomination Form may be updated and renewed by the original or other appropriate nominator for consideration in a subsequent year. The Association will contact nominators for annual renewals.

4. No limitation will be required on the total number of nominations for consideration.

5. The name of the nominator will not be disclosed.


The Committee will use the following guidelines for the Award Recipient Selection:

1. The Board of Trustees through the Top Management will appoint a committee to handle the selection.
The Committee shall be composed of the following:

1 Member of the Board of Trustees
1 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research
1 Vice President for Administrative Affairs
1 Director for Institutional Research and Publications
1 Chairperson of Student Affairs
The Committee shall elect a Chairman from among themselves.

2. The Selection Committee reviews the documents and makes a short list and recommendations to be submitted to the Board of Trustees for final approval. All the papers of the other nominees shall be submitted for reference.

3.  The review process is confidential. No member of the committee is allowed to nominate an alumnus/alumna. Once approved, the Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award shall be presented during the alumni homecoming to be held during the Foundation Week the following Academic Year.

4. Up to ten recipients may be selected annually. The Association Board of Directors must approve additional recipients.


The SISC Alumni Committee and the SISCAA will announce honorees annually through various methods and honor each recipient with the appropriate recognition.


The committee will use the 5 Cs particularly Character (Integrity) as mandatory requirements in selecting the nominees.

  • Character (Integrity)
    Competence / Commitment to Achieve  (Impact of achievement to

    • the improvement of the  company or field of work
    • where he/she works)
  • Living out the SISC philosophy (5 Cs, Southville for Others, etc.)


The categories for the Distinguished Alumni Awards are delineated in thematic terms rather than along professional lines, and may include the following:
Title of AWARD Indicators
 I. Institutional Support
 The recipient’s deeds and actions reflect the importance of his or her educational training, pride in alma mater and loyalty to SISC, as demonstrated through his/her interest in and support of SISC programs and projects  such as but not limited to:

  • Sports Development
  • Physical facilities development
  • Curriculum/Academic-related development
  • Institutional branding and image promotions

 II. Professional/Career Achievement

The recipient attained prominence through his or her efforts in business, industry, technology, profession, Non-governmental organizations (NGO), agriculture, education, government, law enforcement, or other commendable endeavors that form a record of accomplishment impressive to the citizens in the community and/or the nation such as but not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship and employment creation
  • Culture and the arts
  • Science and technology
  • Educational innovation
III. Service to community The recipient exhibits/exhibited integrity and a demonstrated commitment to service through his/her volunteer work in improving the quality of life of others such as but not limited to:

  • Poverty alleviation and human development
  • Peace and order promotion
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Public health promotion


IV. Global Achiever The recipient attained prominence through his or her efforts in an activity that gained him/her in particular and the nation in general global prominence such as but not limited to;

  • Winning top title in a prestigious international competition
  • Working as a top officer in a big multinational company
V. “ Mover of Society”

Leadership and Good Governance

The recipient exhibits/exhibited impressive leadership in public office or private institutions and made a positive difference such as but not limited to:

  • Community empowerment
  • Environmental conservation and sustainable development
  • Public Service