Study Tips from a Pro -

Study Tips from a Pro

Southville alumna achiever Arisa Takagi, Magna Cum Laude, Physical Therapy, De La Salle—Health Sciences Institute, shares five study tips to help students excel in school.

A. Delay gratification and reward system
– Sacrifice. Sacrifice going out, watching movies, etcetera, if you know there’s an upcoming exam. Study first before anything else. If you’re done, then that’s the time you can have fun.

B. Prioritize, plan, and manage time
– Use a planner. Creating a schedule or a to-do list of the things you intend to accomplish/study for the day. Arrange your tasks from the most important to the least important. Make sure that you follow the schedule. Check the tasks that you have finished already. It is also good to allot time for each especially if you have plenty to do for the day.

C. Take down notes
– When you have chapters to study, read them as if you’re reading a novel on your first attempt. Highlight the lines you think are important or take down notes. If you don’t understand a certain part, read it again. On your second attempt, you can just go over the highlighted parts and your notes.

D. Study at a place conducive to learning
– Find a place where you can concentrate on your studies. Some students are productive inside a quiet room—on a desk or lying on the bed. For me, I work productively inside a coffee shop or the school library.

E. Before anything else, PRAY.
– Pray for guidance and ask God to help you get through it.

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