Value of the Week -

Value of the Week

JUNE: Affirmation of Self and Other

Week 1 – Awareness of One’s Strengths and Weaknesses
Week 2 – Believing in Oneself
Week 3 – Accepting and Affirming Each Other’s Uniqueness
Week 4 – Loving Self and Others


JULY: Interpersonal Sensitivity, Empathy, Sharing, Respect and Courtesy

Week 1 – Honing One’s Basic Skills in Interpersonal Relationship
Week 2 – Developing Sensitivity to the Needs of Others
Week 3 – Growing in empathy for the Social disadvantaged
Week 4 – EMPATHY/ “Caring for Others” in Action


AUGUST: Goal Setting: Passion to Achieve

Week 1 – Identifying, developing, affirming One’s Interest and Abilities
Week 2 – Setting a Personal Vision
Week 3 – Modeling from the Drive of Achievers
Week 4 – Developing the Passion to Achieve

SEPTEMBER: Industry, Discipline, and Perseverance

Week 1 – Growing in Personal and Social Responsibility
Week 2 – Discipline in the Use of Time, Money and Personal Resources
Week 3 – Keeping Commitments without Being Pressured
Week 4 – Turning in Outputs Despite Difficulties Encountered


OCTOBER: Global Consciousness, Global Excellence

Week 1 – Knowing We Belong to One World, One Humanity
Week 2 – Learning from Each Other, Learning from International Cultures
Week 3 – Growing in Kinship Especially with Asian Neighbors
Week 4 – Knowing that Personal Goals and Achievements Can Lead to Institutional, National and Global Excellence


NOVEMBER: Healthy Personal – Social Relations

Week 1 – Enhancing One’s Sense of Belonging and Teamwork
Week 2 – Realizing the Value of Sharing One’s Talent in the Achievement of the Group’s Goal
Week 3 – Developing Leadership Skills
Week 4 – Assuming Bigger Roles and Responsibilities in the House, School and Community


DECEMBER: Effective Control and Management of Emotions – Sharing and Generosity

Week 1 – Growing in Capacity to Identify and Articulate One’s Emotions
Week 2 – Emotional Behaviors and their Impact on Others
Week 3 – Learning More Effective Ways of Expressing Emotions
Week 4 – Growing in Tolerance for Frustrations, Conflict and Pressures


JANUARY: Courage, Responsibility, Inner-directedness

Week 1 – Being True to Oneself/Ones’ Values
Week 2 – Consciousness of One’s Roles and Responsibilities – in school, Home and Society
Week 3 – Growing in Responsibility for One’s Thoughts and Actions
Week 4 – Growing in Inner-directedness

FEBRUARY: Competence/Excellence

Week 1 – Doing things well
Week 2 – Giving my Best in Everything I Do
Week 3 – Testing One’s Limits, Going Beyond Comfort Zones
Week 4 – Continuously Developing and Sharpening One’s Skills and Competencies


MARCH: Productivity/ Creativity

Week 1 – Getting Things Done
Week 2 – Acting with a Sense of Urgency
Week 3 – Creativity in Action
Week 4 – Pride in One’s Achievement and in Being Able to Contribute to Something for Others/Society


APRIL: Order

Week 1 – Maintaining Cleanliness as a Habit
Week 2 – Discarding Trash, Keeping the Essentials
Week 3 – Cleaning Equipment, Furniture and other Resources
Week 4 – Keeping Orderly Environment, Having an Orderly Mind
Week 5 – Outputs First Before Rewards


MAY: Valuing Time

Week 1 – Knowing the Value of Time
Week 2 – Keeping Time Commitments (punctuality in assemblies, conferences, meetings)
Week 3 – Responding and Acting with a Sense of Urgency
Week 4 – Turning in Outputs Before Due Dates