Who We Are -

Who We Are

The ASIAN FEDERATION OF STUDENT LEADERS (AFSL) serves as a venue for students to develop their leadership potential, interpersonal and collaborative skills, social responsibility, and a heightened sense of awareness.

To serve as a coalition of leaders who will advance their leadership qualities and bring out the best in them anchored on character, integrity, and collaboration.

Our End in Mind

  1. Establish, maintain, operate, and manage an association  of student leaders that develops leadership qualities like self-management, people management, and task management anchored on character, integrity, and collaboration;
  2. Foster solidarity among various student councils and their officers realizing that synergy accomplishes more than individual efforts;
  3. Inculcate social awareness, social responsibility, and social responsiveness among student leaders who believe in global citizenship, yet, act in response to local needs;
  4. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on concurrent issues and take action on yearned advocacy.