An Elegant Evening for Camaraderie -

An Elegant Evening for Camaraderie

The College of Nursing’s Testimonial Dinner held last March 28th, Saturday at the Luxembourg Gym was hosted by Class 2015 for graduates of 2014 who successfully passed last year’s Nursing Board Exam. The theme was Night at the Oscars. With just a few prominent stage trimmings, like two giant Oscar statuettes, the black and white themed table set-up and the red carpet, the gym was elegantly transformed. Nevertheless, it was the graduating Class of 2015, clad in their formal evening wear that made the night truly glamorous and magical. This annual event is an activity that is entirely planned and executed by the students themselves, exhibiting SISCs core values of collaboration, creativity and commitment to achieve.

Since 2007, with the pioneer Batch of BSN graduates, the Testimonial Dinner tradition of the College of Nursing had fostered camaraderie among nursing students, faculty members and alumni. For the graduating batch, this event gives them an enjoyable break from the stressful period of graduation preparations, followed shortly by the intense Board exam review. For the alumni it is a congratulatory homecoming to celebrate their passing the Licensure Examination. Graduates from the previous batches come back to offer inspiring words, pass on some study tips or share experiences that helped them through. The activity since had strengthened the bond among BSN graduates, which in turn helped create a valuable network of support for SISC nurses all over the world.

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