Back-to-school can be Stress-Free: 4 things to do before your first day! -

Back-to-school can be Stress-Free: 4 things to do before your first day!

I bet every student enjoys the time of their lives during summer vacation. Some would even wish to have it extended if possible. But then reality knocks and the first day of school is just around the corner. The last few weeks before school starts can be the most stressful for students, and one reason is the abrupt adjustment from vacation to back-to-school mindset.

Going back to school can be stress-free. Here are four tips that will help you enjoy your last few days of vacation while looking forward to the first day of school:

1. Reset your sleeping schedule
Whether you like it or not, your daily routine will change —from the time you wake up until you rest at night. To avoid stressing out the night before your first day, start training yourself by resetting your sleeping schedule as early as two weeks before school starts.
TIP: Don’t change your sleeping time from 12 midnight to 9 p.m. in one night, or you’ll find yourself staring at the ceiling until the wee hours of the morning. Since you’re not used to it, you have to do it gradually. For example, change your sleeping time to thirty minutes earlier every day from 12 midnight to 11:30 p.m. the next day and so on until your body gets familiar with sleeping at 8 or 9 in the evening.

2. Organize your study table
Your study table is probably filled with unwashed clothes, toys, and other unnecessary things during summer vacation. Before school starts, clean it and arrange your things. That way, you will be more prepared to face the school year with a study table that is ready to be used.
TIP: Put motivational quotes on your study table to encourage you for the next school year. You can also start organizing your school supplies. This is a fun activity that you could do with your friends.

3. Talk to your friends
You are not the only one stressing out about going back to school. In fact, other students feel that way as well. To make the situation lighter, invite your friends over and ask how they are preparing for the coming school year.
TIP: We know how easy it is to be influenced by friends. For instance, a friend talks about how stressful it is that the first day of school is fast approaching, and everyone starts to feel the same way about it. So be the role model of the group and influence your friends to see school as fun and exciting.

4. Set your mind
While we have stated three tips that will help you prepare for the new school year, the choice of becoming stress-free still lies in your own hands. It’s YOUR CHOICE if you want to reset your sleeping schedule. It’s your choice if you want to organize your study table. And it’s your choice if you want to influence your friends in having the same mindset as you. Choose to condition your mind for this change, and you’ll have a stress-free school year!

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