Breaking Barriers through Po.U.Ch. -

Breaking Barriers through Po.U.Ch.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

–          Nelson Mandela, South African President


As young as nine years old, Southville students are involved in social outreach programs of the school. One of which is the Save a Poor Urban Child (Po.U.Ch.) launched in 1992, a program that addresses the daily nutritional and schooling needs of poor but deserving school children. Each level from grade 3 to grade 11 SISC holds a special P.O.U.C.H. day where each student adopts a P.O.U.C.H. for a day and interacts with a beneficiary.


        “I felt that they ( are not as lucky as I am and my other classmates. It’s not that fair because we have more than them and I know, we should help them in a way,” said Rihanna Arcos, a grade six Southville student, who, together with her brother, Enrico Jose, devised their own way of raising funds to donate to Po.U.Ch. program.


For every high score that they get in class, Rianna and Enrico are rewarded a certain amount of money by their parents which they save until they have enough to adopt a Po.u.Ch. According to Program Director Ms. Floribel Ferrer, Php 1, 500. 00 is enough to sponsor one child for a whole year.


Southville believes that excellence does not only rest in delivering quality educational programs but as well as molding its students to have character and a heart with service.

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