Kristofer Carandang
BS Nursing Graduate


Good evening, I’m Kristofer Carandang graduate of batch 2011. Currently working as a staff nurse at St Luke’s Medical Center – Global City, assigned at the stem cell unit and also been part of the oncology and neuroscience unit. I have been working there for almost half a year. I’d say it’s both a privilege and a great responsibility working at such a new hospital known as one of the world’s best. Trying to learn as much as I can, gaining experience, at the same time also trying to boost the name of our school.

…But from what I learned through this past year, we need to learn to seize each and every opportunity, however small or insignificant it may be. Because you don’t know, later on in life, it may be those small insignificant acts that would play a great role in bringing you closer to your dreams. You may not know, but even with those small decisions of yours, you’ve already changed the odds in your success. If someone as ordinary as me was able to get this far, I’m sure you all can too. You all have limitless potential! With hard work and perseverance, action backed up with faith holds no boundaries. Live life with a purpose or vision and the universe itself will align with yours.…

…Last but not least, I’d just like thank our dean, our professors, our CI’s, and to all the staff here at Southville. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for all your sermons, advices, criticism, guidance, your genuine care. Thank you. You shaped us not just to be the great nurses we are today but guided, nurtured us to be individuals with value and brimming with confidence. Little did I value them back during my college years but they are what I stand for now. No words are enough to express our gratitude to you all. I just hope one day, we’ll all make you proud and help you realize that all your efforts for us were worth it. Thank you!

So I’d like to end my speech by saying that, it’s not where we stand currently in life that’s important, but in what direction we are moving. As you guys are graduating, the experience you had in these four years here full of fond memories, treasure it. I didn’t know what direction I would be headed to til recently. But aside from all the pressure and things we need to attain. Life isn’t much about titles or prestige, nor what our status is. What’s important is that we learn to enjoy life, wherever crossroads we may be. Be happy and let others around you be happy too. Simply living like that would be enough. So no matter what path each one of you chooses in the future, I hope that path would lead to happiness as well. Thank you!


Lambert Laluz
BS Nursing Graduate
Emergency Room Nurse,
Asian Hospital and Medical Center

“The Nursing program in Southville is truly unique. I felt at home and the people who surrounded me gave me the will and confidence to pursue greater heights. Until now, I still hold dear the values imparted to me back in college and they haven’t failed me. As I see it, the Nursing program will continue to get even better as time passes by.”





Jerald Bartolome
BS Nursing Student


The nursing program here at SISC demands the very best from all its students. The curriculum is challenging to ensure that we become the best nurses that we can be, both here in the Philippines and abroad. As a future graduate, I hope to live up to the high standards my course has set for me. ”




Allison Boja
BS Nursing Graduate

SISC really devotes itself to making the best nurses that it can. In the few classes of graduates, many students have brought along with them the Southville name to their success.”

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