BS Psychology General Assembly -

BS Psychology General Assembly

The College General Assembly held at Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) on June 24,2015 spearheaded by the institution’s head officers with the Supreme Student Council familiarized and review with the new and old students the guidelines of the school. The students’ spirits were lifted by the program’s energetic hosts and the amazing numbers of the Monarchs Dance Troupe. It was a very interactive event, as everyone was asked to participate with the emcees. The breakout sessions provided focused discussions for the students of each college program.

The College of Psychology’s General Assembly was held at the Mini Theatre led by the Chairperson of the Psychology Department, Mr. Ruel A. Cajili. To make the freshmen and transferees comfortable, a “Getting To Know You” activity was done. Afterwards, further orientation about department rules and regulations, activities of the Psychology Society, and introduction of the incoming officers were held. Furthermore, the outgoing officers were also given the floor to discuss the achievements of the Psychology Society during Academic Year 2014-2015. Overall, the General Assembly and the breakout session of the Psychology Department successfully made the students more aware and excited about their course.

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