BSN Holds Successful Thesis Presentation -

BSN Holds Successful Thesis Presentation

The four notable BSN researches featured this year at the College of Nursing’s Thesis Poster Presentation covered varied areas of interest in clinical practice. Three are quantitative studies: A Comparative Study of Adults with DM Type II Before and After Consumption of Okra Water, Effects of Power Nap on the Cognitive & Motor Performance and Declarative Memory of Nursing Students at SISC and The Effectiveness of a Soaked Povidone Iodine Solution in a Ready-to-use Receptacle in the Operating Room of LPDH; and one qualitative phenomenological study: When Grandparents Become Parents.

The weeklong presentation from February 13th to the 20th, 2016 brought in several interested students and faculty from the entire college division including a visit by Dr. Remy Lagera, Head of SISC ‘s Institutional Research, Corporate Communication & Publication Center. She commended the students for a work well done and was grateful for their efforts that helped generate interest in carrying out research activities within the campus. –CAV 2/29/16

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