BSN students bond with residents of Camillus Medhaven -

BSN students bond with residents of Camillus Medhaven

In connection with the thrust of the outreach programs of the College of Nursing that focus on the seniors & the elderly, the Outdoor Enrichment Program chosen for this academic year 2015-2016 was a visit to Camillus Medhaven is a shelter and nursing home that provides resident-oriented, long-term full-time care; rehabilitative therapies; and adult daycare services to seniors.

Two batches of BSN students visited the facility last February 17 and 24, 2016 as a post-Valentine activity. The students mainly looked forward to the trip as a fun bonding outdoor experience to enjoy. Surprisingly, it was the students’ brief encounter with the residents that brought significant impact. They gained a genuine deepened awareness of aging, the quality of life of the elderly and their special needs. As future nurses, the students realized that taking care of the elderly client is undoubtedly a real challenge. However, despite these realities, the students stood at awe and gained respect for these aging residents’ hard won lives, experiences and wisdom. –CAV

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