Campus Life

Value of the Week

JUNE: Affirmation of Self and Other

Week 1 – Awareness of One’s Strengths and Weaknesses
Week 2 – Believing in Oneself
Week 3 – Accepting and Affirming Each Other’s Uniqueness
Week 4 – Loving Self and Others


JULY: Interpersonal Sensitivity, Empathy, Sharing, Respect and Courtesy

Week 1 – Honing One’s Basic Skills in Interpersonal Relationship
Week 2 – Developing Sensitivity to the Needs of Others
Week 3 – Growing in empathy for the Social disadvantaged
Week 4 – EMPATHY/ “Caring for Others” in Action


AUGUST: Goal Setting: Passion to Achieve

Week 1 – Identifying, developing, affirming One’s Interest … [Read more]