Valedictory Speeches

Response of the Graduates by Khristine Angelica B. Santos (BEEd-Sped – Summa Cum Laude 2013)


Dr. Genevieve Ledesma Tan, Dr. Marl Ferenal, Dr. Marjorie Gutierrez Tangog, Dr. Remy Lagera, our Guest Speaker Mr. Aniceto Sobrepeña, the deans of the different colleges, faculty members, parents and friends, a pleasant afternoon!

Let me begin by sharing to you The Parable of the Black Belt.

A young martial artist kneeling before the Master Sensei in a ceremony to receive a hard-earned black belt. After years of relentless training, the student has finally reached a pinnacle of achievement in the discipline.

“Before granting the belt, you must pass one more test,” says the Sensei.

“I am ready,” responds … [Read more]

Graduation Speech of Miguel Alzona, Grade 6 Class Valedictorian (AY 2013-2014)

To our guest of honor, Mr. Arturo Caronongan III, to our Chief Executive Mentor, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma Tan, to our school President, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal, to our Principal for Basic Education, Ms. Marie-Vic Suarez, the management team, school officials, distinguished guests, dedicated teachers, beloved parents and fellow graduates, a pleasant morning to all!
Today is a day worth remembering all the hard work and sacrifice of all the graduates this school year. Graduation Day – such a momentous occasion that will be cherished even when you leave Southville.
Now, to start off, I know that every other speech in the
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Valedictory Speech of Rene Mark Steven Masias (High School Class 2012)


To our honorable guest speaker, Governor Grace Padaka; our Chief Executive Mentor, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma Tan; School President, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal; Vice President for Academic and Research, Ms Marjorie Guttierez Tangog; Principal for Basic Education, Ms. Marie Vic F. Suarez; members of the management, distinguished guests, faculty and staff, our dear parents, fellow graduates, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

According to Ralph Marston, “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”  No man ever reached to excellence in any one art or profession without having passed through the slow and painful process of study and preparation … [Read more]