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Valedictory Speeches

You are the Best: Class 2016 College Magna Cum Laude Speech


To our Chief Executive Mentor, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma Tan, our School President, Dr. Marl Ferenal, our Vice President for Academics and Research, Dr. Marjorie Tangog, our Vice President for Administration, Ms. Jocelyn Tizon, our distinguished Guest Speaker, Mr. Mark Joaquin Ruiz, officers, the Deans of the different colleges, faculty members, staff, parents, friends and guests, a blessed afternoon, and to my fellow graduates, Congratulations!


Now, before any of you say that I am a self-absorbed, egotistic, or arrogant being, let me ask you a question: what does it mean to be … [Read more]

Make the Best of What’s to Come: Graduation Speech of Jozeff Perez (Magna Cum Laude of College Class 2017)

To our honorable guest, Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares, to our Chief Executive Mentor, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma-Tan, to the President of Southville International School and Colleges, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal, and as well as the members of the management, to the professors of the institution, to the parents and loved ones of the graduates, and to you, my fellow Monarchs, mabuhay sa ating lahat!

Today, we celebrate the culmination of all our efforts. Today, after all the years of our education, the seeds of our determination have borne fruit.

It makes me remember how we’ve come to this point in life, all … [Read more]

Valedictory Speech of Raven Maat

To the school, the management, teachers, parents, guests, and fellow graduates, a pleasant morning to you all! I know most, if not all of you, want to get out of here as quick as possible to celebrate the end of your elementary school, but why don’t we appreciate this first. Just look at this, you’ve finished another chapter in your life. You’ve done it all: done all your term tests, you’ve presented your Portfolio Assessment for Southville Students (PASS), took your exams and you’re here! It’s a time to celebrate. A time to feel good. So, let’s end this academic [Read more]

Valedictory Speech of Gen Mark Tanno (Grade School Class 2011)


A pleasant morning to all of you my dear classmates, teachers, friends, and all to all the parents here.


Ms. Avic, my name is Gen Mark Tanno. I am answering the question you asked when I first came to Southville. I don’t know if you still remember, but the first time I came here seven years ago, you asked me what my name was. I didn’t even know what your question meant so I didn’t know how to respond to you. And as I look back to that fateful day, seven years ago, I know that standing here

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Valedictory Speech of Svetlana Riguera (Grade School Class 2012)


Dr. Marl Ferenal, our President; Ms. Avic Suarez, our Principal; Mr. Paolo Reyes, our guest speaker; the administration, faculty and staff; parents and guests; my fellow graduates; good morning to all of you!

March 30, 2012. I think we will all agree that this day is definitely not ordinary. Today, we acknowledge the people met, the lessons learned, the tears shed, the laughter relished, and the memories made in our six years as elementary students. Today, we show our teachers, our parents, and most importantly ourselves that we’re no longer children. Today we show the world that we are … [Read more]

Valedictory Speech of Alyanna Ong (High School Class 2011)


Good afternoon.

I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad today, knowing that this is the last time we will all be together  as Southville students. Who could ever forget the failures and disappointments we encountered along the way, the loves lost and found, the classes and teachers worth remembering, the ridiculous adventures that brought wrinkles to our teachers, principal and discipline officers, the pranks we played on each other, the battles that seemed so important to win. It has been a terrific twelve years for me here and parting is such sweet sorrow.  But the world is 

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Ready for the Next Chapter: Class 2016 High School Valedictory Speech

People think that they get things done alone, but they should not forget the people who helped them to achieve their goals. To our guest of honor, Atty. Karen Jimeno McBride, to our Chief Executive Mentor, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma Tan, to our school president, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal, to our Principal for Basic Education, Ms Marie-Vic F. Suarez, our Deputy Principal, Ms. Nessie Lumbres, the management team, school officials, distinguished guests, passionate teachers, beloved parents and fellow graduates, what a great evening to all of us!

Throughout 4 years of high school, as a foreign student, I have always felt … [Read more]

Valedictory Speech of Thae Hoon An, International Baccalaureate (IB) Class of 2011

Dr. Genevieve Ledesma-Tan, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal, Ms. Avic Suarez, Ms. Marie Ann Mirando, members of the management, Dr. Melva Diamante – our honorable guest speaker, mentors, parents, guests, students, and fellow graduates, a pleasant evening to all.

August 24, 2009 is one of the most meaningful days in my 20 years of existence. It was the first day of my IB Diploma Programme experience. Two years ago, I was just a young boy who had an obscure ambition to be a chemical engineer someday in the future. Although I did not have knowledge on what the International Baccalaureate was

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Go For It!: Class 2015 Grade 6 Valedictory Speech – Cuitlauzina Cerbito


After all those days of wondering, wondering if we would make it to the end, FINALLY, HERE WE ARE AT THIS VERY MOMENT THAT marks the summit of our journey. Graduating class of 2014-2015, PLEASE join me in welcoming our guests. To our guest of honor, Ms. Melizza Soriano, to our Chief Executive Mentor, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma-Tan, to our school President, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal, to our Principal for Basic Education, Ms. Marie-Vic Suarez, the management team, school officials, honored guests, dedicated teachers, beloved parents and fellow graduates, a pleasant morning to all OF YOU!

General Gratitude:

On behalf … [Read more]

Valedictory Speech of Katrina Sarmiento (Grade School Class 2013 First Honors)


To our School President, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal, our Chief Executive Mentor, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma Tan, Vice President for Academic and Research, Ms. Marjorie Guttierez Tangog; Principal for Basic Education, Ms. Marie Vic F. Suarez; Deputy Principal, Ms. Olive Flores; Head of Discipline, Ms. Nolie Duran; to our Guest Speaker, Ms. Kate Evangelista; distinguished guests, faculty and staff, our parents and fellow graduates, a pleasant morning to all of you.

“By the strength of our backs, by the sweat of our brow, and by the courage of our hearts,” is a saying that I strongly believe in. It is … [Read more]