College Division Forms Pool of Outstanding Students

In response to the nationwide search for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP), Southville International School and Colleges initiated its own search for the Ten Outstanding Students of Southville (TOSS) to create a pool of student leaders from the different degree programs.

In an orientation for the TOSS nominees, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal, SISC President, emphasized the twin thrust of SISC, which are academic and values excellence. This was reinforced by the presentations of resource speakers Helen Gemma Vallejos, Region 2 Coordinator for the United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines, and Jeff Araula, President of the TOSP Alumni Community.

Ms. Vallejos, a TOSP Region 2 awardee and a national nominee, shared her bid portfolio, which contains the TOSP nominee’s qualifications including his achievements, leadership initiatives, and social responsibility activities. She also presented the guidelines in joining the search for the TOSP. Mr. Araula, on the other hand, discussed the advocacy of the TOSP in making a difference in the lives of Filipino communities.

Both speakers emphasized that academic excellence is not the sole basis for an outstanding student. A student leader must play an active role in honing his or her leadership skills, and be a steward of genuine community service. From the Ten Outstanding Students of Southville pool, only two graduating students will be nominated by SISC to the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines as required by the TOSP Committee.