College, Here I Come! -

College, Here I Come!

Meet high school alumna Minkyoung Kyeong who recently got accepted to two Korean universities!

At what age and level did you start at Southville International School and Colleges?
I started my education in Southville when I was in the second grade, 8 years old (9 in Korea). I have experienced the three campuses: Elizalde, Munich and Luxembourg Campuses!

What experience in Southville will you always remember?
I really had so many great experiences from Southville! Among the reasons I am thankful for my education in Southville is that I had myriad experiences that shaped and developed me. I will not forget the annual events that only Southville offers such as the International Week, Intramurals, and Christmas Bazaar. They provided opportunities for me to consider other things aside from academics. Also, I will not forget my leadership experiences in the student and class council. I am very grateful because I really felt accepted by my batch and classmates, being a foreigner. Through this, I was able to see that Southville is an international school that accepts diversity. I am sure these experiences will greatly help me when I start my college education.

What are you looking forward to in college?
Aside from the “free-er” schedules and eligibility to drive, I am looking forward to enjoying college. I am excited to take subjects that I wanted to study in depth and experience campus life! I hope by the end of my college years, I will say that it has been an amazing adventure!

How did an international education from Southville prepare you for studying in Korea?
Universities in Korea find creativity, extra-curricular activities and excellence in academics crucial. Through an international education in Southville, I was able to develop my creativity through interaction with diverse schoolmates. I also had many opportunities for myriad experiences in different aspects. Also, through the academic curriculum available, I was able to shape my study habits and be well educated. Through Southville, I was able to prepare for my education in Korea.

How did you feel when you found out that you got accepted into Yonsei University and Ewha Womans University?
I truly cannot utter in words how grateful and happy I was when I first found out. It was the moment I have been really praying for. The process of college applications in Korea was definitely challenging! Starting with the personal essays, documents and the academic interviews, it was really tough. So when I saw the acceptance through the laptop, all the hardships passed through my mind. It was a really emotional moment for me. I am thankful to God for blessing and guiding me and my family, and for supporting me all throughout.

What Southville teaching will you always live by?
Southville has excellent teachers who have guided me not only academically but also morally. I will and should live by Southville’s teaching on becoming a moral being before an intellectual being. I would like to personally thank all the amazing teachers who have taught me. Thank you, and I will always remember this wherever I will go in life.

Complete the sentence: I am proud to be a Southville Monarch because ________________
Southville has prepared me to make a difference.

Interview by: Jesselle Villegas