Making a Difference in the Industry

“It might be cheesy, but I have always lived by these lines from the pledge; ‘to become leaders and movers of society’, ‘facite diferentiam’, and ‘one team’. Doing my job as a Guest Service Officer is nowhere close to being a leader yet, but in my own way, I apply it when I am training my peers as I am their senior. I try to teach them as much as I can and guide them,” Pauline said

Angel With A Stethoscope

“Southville’s Poor Urban Child (PoUCh) was a program that made an impact in my life. As a future nurse, caring is part of the values that we must uphold in our lives. Through PoUCh, I was able to learn early the importance of caring for other individuals through serving and sharing with the beneficiaries of PoUCh what they are not privileged to have.”

Little Ripples Make Huge Waves

Southville, thank you for instilling the values I need to take on my next chapter of life. I hope to make the school proud in the little ripples I hope to make in the future.

Southville Topnotcher’s Guide to Board Exams

“Southville trained me to see and appreciate the talents and potentials of all children regardless their disabilities. I am grateful to Southville for training me various effective teaching strategies and classroom management, now I see my students every morning with a fond greeting of “Good morning, Teacher Cat.”” 

Make the Best of What’s to Come: Graduation Speech of Jozeff Perez (Magna Cum Laude of College Class 2017)

I hope that each of you, my fellow Monarchs, realize this, that life may give each of us different circumstances or situations, but what truly makes us all the same is that we are Monarchs for life, the Masters of our Fate, the Captains of our Souls. All of us have our own destinies to write, and our stories to share. It is all up to us on how we choose to use our minds, our hands, and our hearts to get to where we want to be, or to become the person we want to be.

This isn’t Farewell: Valedictory Speech of Su Bin Lim (High School Class 2017)

I then began to see people who did not necessarily excel in academics. They were outstanding in other fields and they were proud of it. It took me a few years to realize that I don’t have to keep up with the others. I didn’t have to compare myself with other people. Everyone has their own pace, strengths, and weaknesses. Comparing was absolutely pointless; embracing and appreciating myself was what I needed. I was able to recover, find my own pace, and stand here in front of you. 

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