US-7Joseph P. Lingao
Magna Cum Laude, BS in Health Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University
Southville High School Class 2007


“A drive for excellence is something that can be honed and developed, and it is precisely that which has brought me to where I am today. Southville sparked in me that burning desire to achieve something greater. Fortunately, I found a consistency in that idea in my university, which upholds “Magis” or “the More”. However, what is crucial is to what this excellence is directed to. And similarly, I am grateful that early on in my life, Southville has instilled in me the exigency to make a difference in this world; wherein our skills and abilities are made use in the service and betterment of others.” 


US-12nd Lieutenant Ray Jeven S. Labio
West Point Academy
Southville High School Class 2006

“The fact that SISC is a prestigious school known worldwide for developing individuals to be excellent in academics and values really impressed my admissions officers at West Point. The unique and effective curriculum allowed me to be disciplined, and academically, physically, morally, and mentally competent for the different challenges of today and tomorrow. I believe that I got into one of the toughest colleges in the world because I came from a school that develops future leaders and achievers of the world.”



US-5Ivan N. Paner
UP Oblation Scholar
Southville High School Class 2006


“Southville education thoroughly implements not only academic skills to the students but values and life-skills as well. The challenging and rigorous curriculum of SISC prepared me mentally for the College Entrance Tests. With a service-oriented community, add to it world-class mentors who mold future movers of society, SISC truly deserves great accolade in molding leaders who will make a difference in the 21st century.”

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