How to Keep Students Motivated Before Christmas -

How to Keep Students Motivated Before Christmas

If adults get so excited for the Christmas season, how much more the students can be? With the impending days away from the stressful schoolworks, most students get distracted during the first half of December. So, here are some tips to keep them motivated until the Christmas break starts.
Align your lessons with the season
Since it will really be difficult to get their minds off the season, then combine it with the lessons instead. Prepare activities that will make them use their excitement for the holiday season. Let them group themselves and discuss about their favorite holiday experience or be more creative by doing some art and craft.
Give holiday rewards and treats
Though the motivation of accomplishing something comes from the will to do so, there are still people that need rewards to keep their engines kicking. So, why not exploit this strategy and promise the students the rewards they deserve since holiday is all about spreading the love? .
Avoid making their schedules full
Just as how adults get their schedules ready for the holiday season, the same goes for the students too. It is alright to give homeworks for the vacation but don’t be such a killjoy that you may end up ruining the festive mood of the students. Give them enough time in their schedule to enjoy themselves and freshen up for the next year.
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