HS Junior’s photographs featured in int’l website -

HS Junior’s photographs featured in int’l website

Hikaru Murakami of Grade 10 may not be good in sports or outstanding in the performing arts, but her photography skills have captured the hearts and approval of the editorial staff of Vogue Italia which published her photos, Sun Kissed and Two Sides, in Photo Vogue, the new website section of the magazine.

“I started photography when I was in Grade 8. I was amazed with the photos in Flckr and thought of doing it myself. I grabbed my dad’s SLR and the rest is history,”shares Hikaru on how she developed her passion in photography.

Hikaru started studying in Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) in Grade 4 as an ESL (English as a Second Language) student. It was her former English Teacher, Ms. Redda Bardos, who inspired her a lot to really pursue what she wants and to be always positive in everything.

Six years passed and Hikaru is now pursuing her love – conceptual photography.

“With conceptual photography, you don’t just take pictures. Your pictures have stories to tell and that’s what I want to share to the world,” adds Hikaru who gets her inspiration from Joel Robison, a renowned photographer.

Participation in Vogue Italia’s Photo Vogue is no joke. Submitted photographs are examined one by one and approved by the editorial staff, and only the best ones are shown on a daily basis in PhotoVogue’s home page with the best three also to be published in the magazine.

Hikaru joins the roster of other SISC students and alumni who have made it big in visual rrts like international filmmakers Miguel Calayan and Paulo Reyes, and Encar Sara Lopez who won 4th place in the DPC – PLDT 26th Visual Arts National Competition.