IB Holds Interactive School Fair -

IB Holds Interactive School Fair

Breaktimes are usually a relief from the tensions of classwork and lectures.Ultimately, the idea of learning can be a drag when one can be resting. On January 14, students of the International Baccalaureate Programme hosted a fair with interactive activities for everyone.

The IB fair was open to all from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon. Inside Luxembourg Hall, six booths— stemming from main subject groups of the intensive coursework of the students— different attractions were available to try. These included Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics and the Arts. Each was showcased by students who specialized in that area.

The activities displayed the qualities of the standard learning profile of the International Baccalaureate. In the English booth, people were challenged to understand the underlying meaning of misleading newspaper titles over the past years. The demonstrator guided the audience by dissecting each title and showing the true meaning of the title that was chosen. Another main attraction was the cannon game; by manipulating a pressure pump, people were given the opportunity to play a mini target shooting game. Prizes were given to everyone who participated, with bigger ones given to those who hit the bull’s eye.

The Social Science booth had two activities— a psychology trivia game where people were given true outrageous facts with a simple social experiment, the Stroop effect, which exhibited the relationship between people’s spatial abilities and behavior. As for mathematics, the booth had puzzles and illusions, in which people could truly appreciate the application of the subject. The Foreign Language booth hosted a cultural modification of the game “Simon says” and matching games between Chinese and Korean characters. Last, but not least, students of the art booth demonstrated origami folding and taught different designs in varying complexities.

For the closing activity, students who were dismissed by four o’ clock in the Luxembourg Campus were given the chance to play a game involving loose change and a dragon. People were to hit the dragon carried around in a box using their coins. As a prize for doing so, all participants were given remaining balloons from the fair. The sound of laughter and popped balloons echoed throughout the campus and marked the end of the event.

With the help of the management and the student body, the fair managed to raise Php 9,800 from the entrance fee, the bake sale, and donations. All proceeds are to be donated to the Philippines Community Fund and SPECS Foundation to assist those in poverty and affected during natural disasters. This demonstrates how Southville students value showing appreciation and giving back to the local community.

All-in-all, the fair was a success—both in achieving monetary aims for charities and accomplishing the objective of showing that education is a continuous and enjoyable process.

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