International Access: The Southville IT Advantage -

International Access: The Southville IT Advantage


What is the edge of an Information Technology Graduate of Southville International School and Colleges over graduates of other universities? The Microsoft Certification!

While some BS IT graduates are still busy looking for training centers to undergo Microsoft Certification and make their resume’s impressive to potential employers, Southville IT students are already undergoing Microsoft training programs without going the hassle of enrolling in another institution, thus equipping them for the demand of the corporate world prior to their graduation.

Microsoft professional Certification Programs are integrated in Southville’s BS Information Technology curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to obtain Microsoft Technology Specialist Certifications in C#.NET Web Programming and SQL Server 2005. Presently, Southville students have been consistent in getting 100% passing rate for the Microsoft licensure.

“The pay rate of a C#.Net Programmer Analyst in the US is around $60,000- $70,000,” said the SISC Director of Technological Operations, Rex Wallen Tan who graduated with First Class Honors Masters Degree in Computer Engineering specializing in Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College, London, UK. He used to work in Vodafone Group Plc and KBC, an integrated bancassurance group.

Mr. Tan underscored that a certification is really needed if an IT graduate would want to pursue his or her career abroad. “Aside from the very few top universities in the UK/US, schools carry little name recognition worldwide. Certifications however are recognized in nearly every country globally.”

In an article written by Mudit Mittal, General Manager of NetCom Information Technology entitled Top 5 Reasons Why Certifications are Important for IT Professionals, he emphasized the edge of having certifications. He said that a certification differentiates a practitioner from others.

As he said, “An individual who is a Cisco CCIE doesn’t need to explain how much about Cisco technologies he or she might know. People “in the know” understand the value of certifications. They know that if you are certified, you know what you say you know, and depending on your certification, how much you know. Certifications are a better yardstick for an objective measure of your skill level than self-proclaimed competency.”

A certification opens doors for better paying jobs. Gartner Inc. has shown in their study, Re: Gartner 2006 IT Market Compensation Study, that hiring managers and IT managers from 188 U.S. corporations give added market value to certifications which can be as high as 30%–40%, while the average salary uplift reported across all certifications in the study was in the 5%–11% range.

As an advanced member of the IT academy program, SISC prepares students
for the demand of the world by providing services such as the Microsoft E-learning
portfolio, Microsoft Digital Literacy program, Microsoft E-reference book library and
Microsoft Official Courseware.

Aside from Microsoft programs, the BS IT curriculum of SISC focuses on industry
trends in Information Technology and Computer Science like Knowledge Management,
Systems Management, and Customer Relationship Management, Data Warehousing,
Business Intelligence, Gaming and others.

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