The International Students Night with the theme, It’s more fun in Southville, was held at Luxembourg Gym on 2 July 2015. The event was attended by 53 international students. The objective of the event was to foster the smooth transition of our students from their country of origin to the Southville International School and Colleges community. The event was likewise our way of welcoming the new international students.

The event was hosted by Kevin Raqueno and Joed Legayada. To foster a sense of belongingness and to create friendship among the international students, they opened the event with an activity – Human Bingo, an individual game where they got to learn something about the other international students, e.g. how many languages they can speak, how many countries they have visited, and the like. The Human Bingo game was followed by a series of exciting games and performances.

Bahay Kubo was the most favorite game among the international students. Bahay Kubo is a group game where the international students were familiarized with the popular Tagalog folk song. In line with the school’s practice of the 5Cs, Collaboration and Competence were obviously shown during this game.

Some International students during the event also shared some of their countries’ delicacies which were enjoyed by the event’s participants. These included delicacies from Punjabi, India, France and Mexico.

Korean students made the event more remarkable by presenting their fabulous dance number. This unexpected show-off of their talents amazed not only the participating international students but also the participating guests. At the end of the event, an average rating of 4.57 was consolidated from the students.

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