Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint -

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

The AB Communication IV students held their final outreach for their Integrated Marketing Communication subject on September 4, 2015. The venue was in Computer Lab 1. The topic is all about Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

The participants had their lunch in the School of the Future (SOF) before they began with their educational activities. Afterwards, they headed down to Comp Lab 1 for the lessons.

Jasper Yparraguirre’s group taught the students about the shortcuts in Microsoft PowerPoint. Afterwards, they prepared an activity to ensure that the participants really learned. Mark Compendio’s group presented next and after that, they had a Pinoy Henyo game. Katrina Vistan’s group went next with “charts and shapes”. They prepared an application exercise wherein the CAA students need to utilize what they learned and use various shapes in the PowerPoint to create an image of a puppy. And finally, Gio Andes’ group taught the students how to add sound and video to their PowerPoint presentations. They also discussed how to add GIFs in the PowerPoint.

After all the educational discussions and activities, the CAA students were given certificates and had a group picture taking together with the speakers. They expressed their delight during and even after the outreach.

Since this was the last outreach for the AB Communications IV Batch 2015-2016, they made sure it was memorable. The organizers and participants bid their goodbyes and wished each other well.

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