Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) and the other Southville Global Education Network (SGEN) affiliate schools believe in research-based decisions. All changes in the curriculum or the academic programs, the hiring or firing of faculty and staff, or the giving of salary increase to employees are supported by data.

In a more macro perspective, research is an activity that sustains the operational system of educational institutions. Progressive educational institutions regard research as the heart of their decisions, be it a matter of academic or administrative issue such as program budget increase, budget decrease or program phase out; additional faculty or staff, retention, promotion or termination of a certain employee; revision of the curriculum, changing of text books, introduction of a new information technology system; or erecting a new building, renovating existing facilities, or demolishing a certain structure.

Research provides the educational community with knowledge and data that are needed in assessing the efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of existing programs, systems, and projects. Research also provides informative data that help in making doable and realistic projections.

Like in any educational institutions, the Research and Development Office acts like a hub in the whole educational system whose vision is anchored on delivering quality education to the students and the community.  In SISC, the IRD Office works hand in hand with the whole community specifically the Academic Division for the development of an atmosphere of scholarship in SISC through conduct, sharing and publication of quality research.

The IRD believes that policy-making and decision-making are integral in any organizational system. These are two tasks of management that could only be successfully attained if there are enough reliable data and information that have been analyzed and interpreted by a reliable office.

As an educational institution that envisions itself to become a leader in the academe, Southville International School and Colleges (SISC), envisions the IPROD not only as repository of institutional information but as a vibrant initiator of exploratory opportunities in promoting SISC research endeavors not only for the academe but for the total strata of national and international development; an energetic instigator of challenging existing SISC and SGEN systems that are working to make them more efficient; and a dynamic navigator in conducting investigations of ideas, facts, and systems specifically those that affect the academe and community development.

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