Judith Won Pat enlightens students at job fair -

Judith Won Pat enlightens students at job fair

Southville International School and Colleges held a job fair at the Luxembourg Hall last February 24, 2016. Coming from Guam, USA, the special guest was Judith Won Pat who is part of the 33rd Legislature of Guam and handles culture and education. The event began with her speech on understanding different people around the world. According to the speaker, misunderstanding is the cause of conflict among people of different nations. Pat also talked about admitting Filipino students into universities like the University of Guam for education and scholarships.

During the Q&A, college students asked questions about Filipino citizens working in Guam’s tourism industry. Then a Dean asked about internship programs in Guam for students. Lastly, various company booths adorned Luxembourg Hall for students interested in applying for an internship or future employment.

Gerard Deinla, a 4th year Marketing student, shared what he learned from Judith Won Pat’s speech. He said, “The most important lesson I learned from her is to follow what you love and you’ll never work again. This statement is a practical guide in choosing a career after graduation.”

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