Li’l Princess now a CCP Ballerina -

Li’l Princess now a CCP Ballerina

Ms. Earth Angel 2008 and Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) student Joanna Marcelo is one of the privileged few chosen to receive a full scholarship in ballet from the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

“It is very seldom that someone new in this field would be given a full scholarship. Most of the time, scholarships are given to intermediate dancers that’s why I am very honored to receive it,” Joanna humbly exclaimed.

Joanna initially got a half scholarship last summer and eventually qualified for the full scholarship.  She is now busy rehearsing for the CCP’s Peter Pan production.

As a student under the I.N.N.O.V.E. Education Solution of SISC that includes home study, Joanna has more time to attend to rigid dance trainings in ballet, jazz and hip hop, to fulfill gymnastics stints, and to pursue a modeling career without abandoning her academic studies. Joanna has appeared in several commercials of Jollibee, Papa Catsup, Banco Filipino, and PLDT Card, among others.

SISC’s I.N.N.O.V.E. Program allows Joanna to attend regular classes on Mondays and Thursdays, practice ballet from Tuesdays to Fridays, 5:50-7:00pm and sometimes on Saturdays from 8:00-3:00pm, and one-on-one consultation with her teachers on Fridays. The program is tailor-made to Joanna’s needs who observed that “time management is really inevitable if you want to excel in your craft.”

What does Joanna have to say for other aspiring artists like her? She enthusiastically encouraged SISC students to, “Go out of their comfort zone and enjoy what they love to do.”