Living the Southville Way -

Living the Southville Way

HS Alumna Alyanna Ong recounts how a Southville education walked her through college life with Jesselle Villegas from the Office of Public Relations.

For Alyanna Ong, Southville is her second home. “The teachers were very accommodating and approachable. My classmates were very down to earth. Even the kuyas, ates, and guards were very friendly,” she said in a recent interview. Alyanna always looked forward to school activities such as intramurals, Tug-o-wits, CGS, ISAC, ENTREP, and Academic Week. A Southville experience she will never forget was when she brought home the ISAC championship for two straight years. Aside from enabling her to meet students from other international schools, the experience brought out Alyanna’s passion for basketball and love for Southville. Alyanna also cited that recognition and graduation days were unforgettable, seeing the glow and happiness of parents going up the stage with their children.

When asked how Southville prepared her for college, Alyanna answered, “Southville hones students to become leaders and movers of society, which I didn’t expect was true until I entered college. I have an edge since I have a good background in leadership, and I am confident of myself.” Alyanna considers speaking confidently before an audience and expressing themselves well as advantages of Southville graduates. According to her, two years of P.A.S.S. developed their public speaking skills. In addition, Southville taught them how to be analytical thinkers, which came in handy in college. Not only do they memorize concepts, but also questioned and deciphered them until they understood. “Southville trained us to think outside of the box.”

Among the 5Cs, Character best describes Alyanna. She shared that in life, we are faced with many challenges. One thing Alyanna has learned is to stick to our values in pursuit of our goals, particularly during times when we are at a crossroad and decisions have to be made. “Success is useless if we lose our integrity along the way. We have to stand up for what is right, even if we have to fight alone.”

The 5Cs definitely guided Alyanna through college life. “It’s funny because every time I have to write an essay or a speech, my framework would always be the 5Cs. It has become my motto in life.” On top of that, the 5Cs have become a habit for her. “I also bring these values on basketball trainings and games. I try to guide my teammates by imparting to them the importance of the 5Cs.”

Twelve years of Southville education molded Alyanna to be the amazing person that she is today. “I am amazing because Southville has nurtured me to be an inspiration to other people,” she said.

Alyanna Ong graduated valedictorian in high school. At present, she is a fourth year student at De La Salle University taking up a double degree course: BS in Applied Economics and BS in Finance. She is also an outstanding student athlete of DLSU.

Driven by passion and guided by her beliefs, this proud Southville Monarch is sure to go places. Alyanna is truly an inspiration to Southville students.


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