Master in Business Administration – Regular Program -

Master in Business Administration – Regular Program

The Masters in Business Administration Program is a full 2.5 year program for Business graduates and working professionals who are in search of means to help accelerate their career development or to establish strong positions in their career paths.

Through the use of innovative learning techniques backed up by the experience and knowledge of recognized mentors and industry practitioners, the MBA Program fuses rigorous academics with meaningful business experience, creating a synergy that will define the students’ time inside and outside of the classroom.

Teaching methodology in the program will seek to maximize learning through academic work, industry immersion and online learning.
Graduates of the MBA program will be able to:

  • Identify business problems and propose solutions
  • Use strategic analysis and integration through various decision making tools
  • Apply creativity and innovation in business practice
  • Apply quantitative methods to real–world business situations
  • Evaluate the impact of the global environment to the business process
  • Identify and understand the ethical obligations and responsibilities of business
  • Communicate effectively in written materials to significant stakeholders
  • Communicate professionally in spoken words in one–on–one or business presentation situations
  • Work with a team  on projects
  • Demonstrate project management skills
  • Demonstrate qualities and values of an ethical business manager as embodied in the Institution’s 5Cs: Competence. Character, Commitment to Achieve, Collaboration and Creativity

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