10th Grader Gwyneth Tangog, FIRST from the Philippines to Obtain Pre-College MATH Certification in Japan

10th Grader Gwyneth Tangog, FIRST  from the Philippines to Obtain Pre-College MATH Certification in Japan

SUKEN (SUgaku KENtei) ,established in Japan in 1988, hails the first Filipino to meet and pass the highest level from the Philippines for the World Mathematics Certification Program. At 10th grade, Gwyneth Margaux “Gwyn” G. Tangog  is the first and youngest Filipino student who passed the Pre-1st  Kyu (level) examination, open to both students and professionals of any age worldwide. The exam has two parts: calculation and application. The Pre-1st Kyu test covers Quadratic Functions, Trigonometry, Sequences, Vectors, Complex Numbers, Basic Calculus, Matrices, Simple Curved Lines, and Probability. Tangog is the highest scorer from the country at the age of 16  since the Philippines joined. Tangog outstripped six out of seven KYU’s which are Level 5 – 7th Grade Math, Level 4 – 8th Grade Math, Level 3 – 9th Grade Math, Level Pre 2 – 10th Grade Math, and Level 2 – 11th Grade Math whereas the  Pre – 1st Kyu that she obtained is equivalent to the 12th grade Certification. 

Tangog obtained the certification through the Asian Psychological Services and Assessment (APSA) , a leading organization in test development in the Philippines where she has been a consistent topnotcher of its Standards-Based Assessment (SBA). In an  interview with APSA, Gwyn shared that SUKEN is a great opportunity for her to know her skill level in international mathematics in different countries such as Japan. Tangog is Southville’s first student to obtain the Pre-College Level (Kyu) of SUKEN World Mathematics Certification, the highest level to date since the Philippines joined through APSA. 

“I would like to encourage students and professionals to take the SUKEN World Mathematics Certification Program for them to gauge how they fair with the standards of Japan , a country which is respected in the Mathematics field. It’s a humbling experience to match our Mathematics standards with theirs. It’s an honor to be able to bring the Philippines another step higher in terms of SUKEN. All the MATH training sessions from Southville, the advanced classes I attended at Southville’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Higher Math, and the external training sessions by Mathematics Trainers Guild (MTG). These were the opportunities where I learned about advanced topics like vectors and calculus, ” shared multi medalist Mathlete, Gwyneth Margaux G. Tangog.