A Home Away From Home: Parents Conduct Storytelling at School

A Home Away From Home: Parents Conduct Storytelling at School

Southville Early Childhood Education (ECED) students were all smiles to see familiar faces read them stories last week, no one but their beloved parents. This activity is being conducted by the school for a decade now along with other related events which aim to boost active participation of the youth and developing a closer bond with their family members outside their comfort zones. Such activity contributes to the child’s confidence when a trusted guardian’s presence is felt as observed by the teachers and executives. Beyond the normal class routine, these kids are proven to be exceptionally attentive and really proud of doing the “work” with them.

Anchored with the school’s 5Cs, students COLLABORATE and strive to be CREATIVE on the challenging tasks they had to do after listening, CHARACTER is to be discovered and adopted from each role they get to know from a story, and the goal to comprehend the moral lesson is a test of their COMPETENCY and COMMITMENT TO ACHIEVE.

Mr. Espiritu is one of the parents committing to any activity that will strengthen a parent-child relationship despite a busy schedule; an expectation actively being met by Southville. The Munich and Star campuses have established a comfortable and caring environment providing all the necessary attention helpful to the development of a child’s trust and independence. It’s truly a home away from home as parents can attest to the school’s credibility to make their students feel protected and nurtured on their behalf. 

The ECED Department is looking forward to this year’s most awaited event, the Reader’s Theater, where students will be the one to read their parents a story. This will be an opportunity to “appreciate and give back” and is set to happen on December 18.

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