A New Dimension: Multiverse of Neurological Care

A New Dimension: Multiverse of Neurological Care

By Gian Carlo Manipol, BSN Class of 2025

Figure 1 From L-R: Mr. Robert Lim(faculty), Pen Davidson, Bernice Nicolas, Ayesa Cruz, Denise Beyer, Tomoya Takenoshita, Ms. Maj Tomas (faculty), Gian Manipol, JD Alvarado, Lance Guiling, Dr. Keith Ablona (BSN Class 2011), Jacklord dela Cruz.

It was an amazing opportunity for us the newly appointed student officers of Southville International Organization for Nursing (SION), to be the selected representatives for the College of Nursing in Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Department of Neurosciences 6th Postgraduate Course: The Multiverse of Neurological Care held last June 28, 2023.

Several exciting medical developments and research updates on neurological care were covered, such as the importance of nutrition for a developing brain, seizure management, epilepsy and pregnancy, movement disorders, cerebrovascular accidents, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. Two interesting cases were the highlights of the session, presenting ground-breaking medical management. The first case showcased interventions for managing stroke in children, while the second case, presented the latest developments in cerebrovascular bypass surgery.

Our group was greatly enriched by all the learnings of the day. I believe that exposing BSN students to such events and seminars will help build a deeper appreciation for medical research and developments in healthcare. This, in turn, can challenge us early on to commit to delivering high-quality care to our patients as future nursing professionals.

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