A Spur for the Freshmen

A Spur for the Freshmen

The Bachelor’s Thesis Colloquium 2023 in the Eyes of a BSN Freshman

By Raphael Cedrick A. Manalo, BSN Class 2026

The Bachelor’s Thesis Colloquium 2023 served as an inspiring event where nursing students unveiled their research projects, showcasing their commitment, resilience, and passion for contributing to the healthcare field. It demonstrated their dedication to advancing medical knowledge and their journey toward becoming future RNs. The colloquium not only celebrated their academic achievements but also served as a source of motivation for aspiring nurses to embrace the power of research in their own educational pursuits. Through Cedrick Manalo’s perspective, the article explores the impactful significance of the Bachelor’s Thesis Colloquium 2023, highlighting the dedication and resilience of graduating students in presenting their research projects. It underscores the importance of nursing research in shaping the knowledge and experiences of student nurses.

I have been interested in the field of research for quite some time. Apart from the fact that I have been creating and presenting research presentations since junior high, research has always intrigued me and led me to explore realities and opinions that I had never come across before. I believe that this perspective and belief of mine is shared by many other researchers out there, which continues to help expand the discipline and guide this ever-changing world towards advancement for the betterment of everyone.

As part of the healthcare field, the nursing profession also plays a crucial role in contributing to the ongoing growth of knowledge about medicine, health, and the well-being of people worldwide. That’s why nursing research is just as essential as other published research, and it brings me great delight to know that Southville’s College of Nursing takes this matter seriously.

Watching the research presentations via Zoom on my laptop filled me with amazement. I realized that these graduating students are soon going to be the next batch of Southville RNs whose awe-inspiring faces will be seen in the banners hung on the gates and walls of our school campus. These seniors are individuals whom I look up to because, despite the challenges they have faced, they have been able to overcome them with passion and determination. This truly reminds me of what it means to be a nurse from Southville. The theses they presented also serve as a reminder that these projects will not only be academic requirements but will also symbolize our valuable experiences as student nurses, as we meet and help people from all walks of life.

Covering everything from correlational studies on vaccine hesitancy to exploring the experiences of fathers who have experienced loss, the papers presented by the higher levels truly showcased their experiences as student nurses in a clearly defined manner. These presentations were not only for the sake of their educational pursuits but also aimed to improve the lives of their fellow human beings. Overall, this year’s Bachelor Thesis Colloquium served as another opportunity for us to marvel at what our seniors have achieved and as a motivation for us to strive harder to accomplish more than what we are currently doing.

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