Academic Excellence During Quarantine: Southville Online Honors Assembly

Academic Excellence During Quarantine:  Southville Online Honors Assembly

If there is something AMAZING about this #NewNormal during the quarantine, it’s the camaraderie among Southville parents, students, and faculty, nearing success towards the end of this challenging academic year. The K12 Division has pictured an equally exciting way to recognize everyone’s hard work and grit and recently concluded the Online Honors Assembly, aiming to celebrate online education success to keep students on track and academically fulfilled. Parents, students, and teachers expressed their gratitude for overcoming defying stages that would test their Character, Competence, Collaboration, Creativity, and Commitment to Achieve – the 5 Cs.

A “Quarantine Goal” Came True

As we are dreaded by the uncertainties of the outbreak, excellence over crisis could be a student’s best bet. The academic game field changed immediately the moment Southville went 100% online. Everyone can attest to the added effort and a variety of creative strategies to familiarize schooling at home which has brought students a different learning perspective.  Nevertheless, excellence shall be obtained by doing more than what is required regardless of the unfamiliar setting.

Too Cool for Summer…

The Online Honors Assembly gave a nostalgic Southville vibe as students wore their uniforms a little extra! Students kept the Monarch spirit up with more pride and honor as they dressed the part. Sporting the coolest summer attire at a virtual gathering of achievers and movers of society may be a far cry from the usual but thanks to these students who made quarantine learning success as victorious as one could ever imagine. 

As always, a strong HOME-SCHOOL collaboration!

Southville has always been one step ahead, from digital advancement to academic interrelationship with its futuristic approach to sustaining best practices and developing schemes as the Top International School in the Philippines. Parents and teachers have strongly manifested shared inputs and efforts, realigning and boosting students’ learning path despite this season’s drawbacks and hiccups. While the teachers step up their methods to achieve quality teaching online, parents at the opposite end demonstrate the same level of commitment, fostering the students’ intellectual stability crisis by crisis.

I’ve Missed You, SOUTHVILLE!

If there is something AMAZING about this #NewNormal, they are the borders we’ve crossed, the limits we’ve challenged, and the impossible that we’ve made possible. One day we just woke up deprived of what made us live life to the fullest, still, one day we woke up having succeeded in this journey — both clinging to the old and facing structural peculiarities adding up to our dynamic experiences, learning, and memories. 

“I would like to tell you that your Southville family misses you. I myself miss watching you come to school. I miss looking at you at the open court – play, eat, laugh, and interact with your friends. Seeing you in school every day gives us so much joy. We always look forward to a school day because of you. All of us are experiencing a very difficult situation. But hold on to your faith, to your families, to your inspiration whether that inspiration is a person or a goal in the future. Dear Monarchs, stay safe, healthy, and always grateful. See you soon.”

Ms. Marie Vic Suarez | Principal