Angelee Carandang Acquires Registered Marketing Professional Certification

Angelee Carandang Acquires Registered Marketing Professional Certification

Angelee Carandang, a BA Marketing Management alumna conjointly obtained an undergraduate diploma and RMP Certification respectively in 2018 and 2019. Ms. Carandang was one of the Zikaway Ladies whose business plan succeeded in Hong Kong bagging a Silver Award at the PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge. The Registered Marketing Professional Certification guarantees top businesses the profoundly qualified marketing experts setting the bar high to succeeding marketing graduates. Competency is measured through an in-depth assessment of major marketing areas.  The RPM is a qualifying body where graduates can exhibit their expository aptitudes, critical thinking capacities, and showcasing procedures to make it to the rundown of the best candidates big companies are on the lookout for.

Southville prepared me to become a registered marketing professional by teaching me to go beyond the pages of a book; and instead, see the world in its real state. I was given numerous case studies that a registered marketing professional needs in order to have the ability to apply marketing principles and techniques in realistic situations. I was groomed to take my lessons into heart rather than simply into my notebook. Moreover, my professors always inspired me to think outside the box and provide creative solutions for all kinds of business and social problems. My acumen to quickly analyze problems and generate practical solutions is my edge as a Monarch. Ultimately, Southville was the perfect training ground to help me answer the RMP exam with precision, creativity, and comprehension.”
Angelee L. Carandang, RMP
BA Marketing Management Alumna

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