Big Names from Entertainment Industry on Southville’s Content Creation MASTERCLASS

Big Names from Entertainment Industry on Southville’s Content Creation MASTERCLASS

Southville International School and Colleges – Colleges of Communication and Multimedia Arts conducted a MASTERCLASS on  “Content Creation in The New Normal” featuring the President of GMA Network Films and Programming Consultant to the Chairman/CEO OF GMA Network Ms. Annette Gozon Valdez, Film and TV director Mr. Dominic Zapata, and Film and TV actor and online content creator Mr. Jak Roberto on the 26th of November 2020. 

The onset of the pandemic has greatly affected the content industry from film, tv, radio, and print – with digital, OTT (over-the-top) and free TV as the only platforms left thriving. The fall of livelihood in this field is felt far and wide and content creators are crossing a grey area only years after it has become a thing to many young professionals, in high hopes of reviving both its economic and social value to students, executives, and ordinary individuals who simply want to tell a story through their creative inclination. 

The masterclass tackled the bold truth about content professionals in their current struggles and the future of creating content that matters. Just like any other industry, this field has fully transitioned to digital operations doing modified productions, in observance of the pandemic protocol such as social distancing – but it has not been easy. Industry insiders also asserted that few aspects of the job remained normal whilst adjusting to remote operations and the challenge of mobilizing projects “online”.

Creating content in the new normal is not just a challenge of systems and procedures; it has been difficult for mental stability too. Many would assume that the lockdown would keep us from greater expenses with lessened activities outdoors yet one of the speakers countered it to be false as the demands of this crisis only forced people in the industry to keep up with required technologies, persevering to keep the job they love despite its losses and misfortune. In the new normal where one has to wear many hats due to employee layoffs and  accomplish various tasks, content specialists also stated how exhausting it has been. 

Renowned figures in the field virtually gathered to give inspiration and strengthen the faith of their passionate creators. The masterclass proper started with reminiscing how it was like before the pandemic occurred – the pre-covid dynamism and 24-hour hustle that kept people elated and occupied. On the brighter side, the speakers affirmed how they learned about their colleagues’ roles during the quarantine, going beyond their respective work scopes in aid of the entire production process with decreased number of manpower. The masterclass provided a wide perspective on today’s most popular contents from commercials, variety shows, features, webtoons, a day in the life, and many more.  

The webinar also featured interviews of prominent content creators, including social influencer Chesca Garcia-Kramer, actress-host Ria Atayde, reporter Laila Chikadora, musician/gaming vlogger Chris Cantada, writer Joben Elpedes, and directors Keith Sicat, Icko Gonzalez, and Jose Javier Reyes, hosted by Multimedia Arts students Lou Lodronio and Hans del Rosario. 

Here is the link to the Masterclass on Content Creation in the #NewNormal to know more:

Message from Direk Jojo Nones

It is always a pleasure to link our academic community with industry practitioners who readily and passionately share their expertise and know-how with our students. I wholeheartedly appreciate the opportunity to be a conduit for learning and am constantly grateful to my SISC community and CoMMA family for creating a learning environment imbued with a free-flowing exchange of ideas and continuous creative growth. A special shoutout goes to all the classes involved in making this event a success: Film Appreciation, Reading Visual Arts, Communication Management, Pop Culture, Social Media Principles, Multimedia Publishing, Color Theory, Journalistic Writing, and Brand Communication & Design. Indeed, with Southville CoMMA, synergies create possibilities. Stay amazing and connected, Monarchs!

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