Celebrating Excellence in Assessment: SISC Commends SSBA Perfect Scorers

Celebrating Excellence in Assessment: SISC Commends SSBA Perfect Scorers

SISC extends heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding achievers who attained perfect scores in Standards Based Assessment or SBA Math, Science, and English.

SBA represents the latest advancements in assessment technology. Through this assessment, students’ knowledge and skills at specific grade levels in core subjects can be identified. Asian Psychological Services and Assessment (APSA), the leading organization in the Philippines for assessing and evaluating
student achievement using Standards-Based Assessment (SBA) tools, ensures that students’ proficiency in core subject areas aligns with both national and global standards. The results obtained from SBA provide unbiased feedback to students and valuable insights for teachers, subject area heads, principals, parents, and other stakeholders. This information aids in the design and improvement of curriculum, instructional strategies, competency-development programs, and capacity-building initiatives.

SISC applauds the Perfect Scorers in SBA Math, Science, and English and acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Asian Psychological Services and Assessment (APSA) in revolutionizing assessment practices. As we celebrate the achievements of these exceptional students, let us continue to embrace
innovative approaches to education and strive for excellence in fostering the growth and development of our learners. Together, we can shape a brighter future for education and empower the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

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