College of Nursing Students Take Another Look at Substance Abuse Recovery

College of Nursing Students Take Another Look at Substance Abuse Recovery

The SISC BSN students visited Seagulls Village in Barangay Neogan Tagaytay City, an exclusive rehabilitation facility located on the ridge overlooking the breathtaking view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

This rehab facility managed by Seagulls Flight Foundation, Inc. is recognized for its Therapeutic Community (TC) treatment modality – a drug-free self-help program set within a highly structured family environment where positive peer interaction is encouraged and emphasized. Its primary goal is to foster personal growth by changing an individual’s lifestyle through a community of concerned people working together to help themselves and each other. This modality begins with the humanistic premise that man is not fragile – he can and should be confronted with his condition and challenged to grow into maturity and responsibility.

After the comprehensive introduction and overview of the facility’s services by Therese Castillo MS, Head of Clinical Services, the BSN students had the opportunity to hear real life stories from two selected residents.  They selflessly shared their experiences and relayed stories of their genuine struggles toward recovery. The sessions were quite emotional and touching that many of students were moved to tears.

According to the students it was an eye-opening and most memorable learning activity. It somehow presented a glimpse of the raw realities of life, that as future nurses, they will have to come to terms with in their future human encounters.  It presented the aspect of recovery that is, in real life, not the easy road but a continuous struggle. However, a treatment program supported with nurturing environment for social learning, personal growth and positive family relationships presented to the residents of Seagulls Village, a future full of hope. – LPJ/CAV

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