Excellence in Motion: Coach Bu’s Impactful Mentorship and Commitment to Success

Excellence in Motion: Coach Bu’s Impactful Mentorship and Commitment to Success

Coach Liza Bulay, fondly called “Coach Bu,” is not just an Instructor of Physical Education and NSTP at Southville International School and Colleges (SISC), but an inspiring educator who has dedicated 18 years to shaping future champions. Her rich background in sports, including being a former varsity player of the Women’s Basketball Team at the University of the Philippines in Diliman and a champion-maker with 26 grand championships for the high school girls’ basketball team of De La Salle Zobel School, has given her a wealth of experience and passion to bring to her role as an educator.

In an interview, Coach Bu shared her insights and experiences at Southville, revealing the passion she has for teaching. Her emotions ran high when she expressed how teaching could benefit from best practices and values from sports, such as self-discipline, perseverance, teamwork, diligence, competitiveness, and striving for excellence. She believes that instilling these values along with the 5C’s in her students through physical education and NSTP classes can help shape them into well-rounded individuals prepared for success in various aspects of life.

While she maintains a serious demeanor when it comes to correcting students’ behavior, she has truly mastered the art of striking the perfect balance between being a strict educator and a cool mentor. Her ability to command respect while also fostering a sense of camaraderie has made her an exceptionally appealing figure in my academic journey. hence why she is one of the coolest professors I have ever had.
-Gerlie Montellano-Baluyot, Southville Alumna, Coach Bulay’s Former Student

When asked about the challenges of teaching physical education during the pandemic, Coach Bu acknowledged the difficulties of instructing a kinesthetic subject that requires bodily movements and group interaction to a static audience online. Her heart was heavy when she spoke about the struggles of not being able to connect with her students in person. However, she shared how SISC implemented innovative approaches, such as live annotation and online games for sports, and was amazed to see her students adapt and excel in their virtual learning environment. Despite the challenges, her passion for teaching shone through as she also spoke about how her dance classes blended individual steps into a choreographed whole despite her students operating from their respective homes.

Coach Bulay, a compassionate professor, is dedicated to ensuring her students learn sports through a combination of research and practical experience, even in a virtual setting. During every presentation, our approach involves creating an entertaining and comedic atmosphere that never fails to bring a smile to Coach Bulay’s face. We love seeing Coach Bulay laugh and you can truly see that she’s happy with her students.

-Andee Santos, BS Tourism Student

Coach Bu’s emotions ran high as she spoke about the impact of SISC’s culture of excellence on her life as an educator. She mentioned that the school provides continuous learning opportunities for faculty through in-service training, featured talks, and ACE Awards for performance. Coach Bu believes that this culture promotes growth and development not only among teachers but also among students, creating a competitive, nurturing, and non-threatening environment for learning. Her pride for SISC was evident as she expressed how the school has produced board top-notchers and achievers who excel locally and overseas.

As a teacher, Coach Bu emphasized the importance of being consistent with professional traits, such as complying with requirements and punctuality. She also highlighted the need to stay updated with current trends and developments in her teaching and related fields while also understanding the behavior and traits of her students’ generation. Her passion for teaching was sparked by a friend’s recommendation, along with the school’s culture of excellence and caring environment, which has fostered camaraderie and familial relationships among the faculty, deans, coordinators, and staff.

Outside the classroom, Coach Bu unwinds by belting out karaoke tunes, enjoying weekends with friends, and watching thriller and horror movies with her nieces and nephews. Her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the school grounds is evident through the talks she gives to socio-civic organizations, colleges, and universities about women in sports and sports for people with physical challenges. Coach Bu’s unwavering dedication to shaping future champions inspires the SISC community and beyond, and her passion for teaching shines through in all she does.

To learn more about Coach Bu, you may read her interview using the link below.