Get SMART this summer


Children need not be on their own for much of the summer, with little or no direction to channel their time and energies. A variety of fun and informative programs are available at the SMART (Sports, Mental, Artistic) Program, SISC’s summer offerings for children, teens, and adults who would like to spend their break in fun and productive ways.

The SMART academic offerings include Booster and Enhancement Programs in Reading, Math, Science, French, Chinese, Basic and Advanced Computer, and English as Second Language and Filipino for foreign students. An Exploration Camp for Preschool where children learn through Music, Arts, and Movement is also open in S.T.A.R. Campus.

Ballet classes are also offered in partnership with ACTS Manila. Theater Arts and Streetdancing are also available. For the sportsminded, there are sessions in Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Karate, Arnis, Taekwondo, and Chess.

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