IB2 Students Unveil a Kaleidoscope of Knowledge in Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

IB2 Students Unveil a Kaleidoscope  of Knowledge in Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

The IB 2 students recently had a successful conclusion to their Theory of Knowledge (ToK) curriculum through their exhibition entitled Knowledge Kaleidoscope: Unveiling the Truths of Refracted Realities last February 27, 2024, at MPH Tropical.

During the morning session, eight hand-picked plenary speakers presented their exhibitions answering their chosen knowledge question to a plenary crowd of Grade 9 and 10 students to give them a glimpse into how to navigate the world through the lens of the Theory of Knowledge. In the afternoon session, all the IB2 students had the opportunity to present their exhibitions in parallel sessions, serving as a guide and inspiration to their junior IB1 students. An IB1 respondent, Hyeonwoo Moon, shared his overall insights from the exhibition stating, “It truly is up to us to identify and critically analyze knowledge to fully understand and appreciate the world around us.”

In the Diploma Programme, the ToK exhibition is an internally assessed and externally moderated required component of the subject that allows students to think creatively and critically about how knowledge manifests in everyday, mundane objects. This is done through the analysis of a selected knowledge question with the use of three real-life objects as purposeful examples to reflect the knowledge into everyday life.

ToK is one of the core subjects of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme where students reflect on the nature of knowledge and knowing and put into perspective what they already know. Through an evaluation of various perspectives and application of the knowledge concepts and frameworks, students question what they know and how they know and show how these knowledge-centered notions manifest in the world around us.

After 2 years of contemplative discussions on knowledge, the 2024 Cohort of the Southville IBDP executed the final application of their ToK learning. This conclusion allowed meaningful reflections on their growth and learning, resulting in a bittersweet ending to their Theory of Knowledge journey.

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