IELTS Review Philippines: Top 5 Centers in 2023

IELTS Review Philippines: Top 5 Centers in 2023

Southville International School and Colleges is a distinguished educational institution in the Philippines, celebrated for its rigorous English proficiency program designed to elevate students to global communication standards. By integrating renowned assessments like TOEIC and TOEFL into their curriculum, Southville doesn’t only prepare students for these tests; it has a storied history of producing top scorers, demonstrating a deep commitment to instilling a high level of English proficiency.

The school’s dynamic approach to language learning is carefully calibrated to meet international benchmarks, providing students with an environment where their linguistic capabilities can flourish. Southville’s English proficiency program is characterized by its experiential learning opportunities, where students engage in real-world simulation activities such as debates, public speaking, and academic conferences.

Demonstrating its global reach and relevance, Southville proudly participated and hosted the Model United Nations in 2019, a testament to its dedication to fostering diplomatic skills and international awareness among its students. Furthermore, 2019 was a standout year, with Southville students showcasing their remarkable talent by clinching over 175 medals at Yale’s prestigious World Scholars Cup. This laurel underscores Southville’s excellence in critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration—key elements that contribute to the institution’s reputation as a bastion for producing academically outstanding and globally competitive individuals.

1 9.0 Niner English


9.0 NINER IELTS Review and Tutorial Center, synonymous with IELTS excellence since 2007, offers expert-led courses by Band 9.0 scorers in a cutting-edge online learning environment. This institution is not just about passing; it’s a proven cradle for 9.0 achievers, consistently nurturing IELTS mastery with new content added monthly. As the reigning top IELTS agent in the Philippines for over a decade, 9.0 NINER remains dedicated to its founding ethos: transforming candidates into IELTS niners, the epitome of English proficiency.

9.0 Niner English Review Program:

  • lecturers who scored stellar marks in the exams and are fellow non-native speakers, and so know the struggle you go through in learning the language better than those who never had to
  • a CELTA-certified lecturer
  • more than 100 video lectures in an online dashboard that can be replayed as many times as needed to allow for self-paced learning
  • a full library of originally developed test preparation materials, grammar and vocabulary exercises, and guidance on immigration and student visa concerns
  • an expanded team of coaches for individual Writing and Speaking feedback

2. RA Gapuz Review Center


RA Gapuz Review Center, a stalwart in education for three decades, extends its expertise to IELTS with a customized approach tailored to individual learning styles and needs. Their program, enriched with live discussions and both group and one-on-one brainstorming sessions, emphasizes skill development across all four macro skills. Through drills, simulations, and mock tests, RA Gapuz not only sharpens English competencies but also continues its legacy of nurturing topnotchers and ensuring exam success for its students.

Program: Ray A. Gapuz Review System

  • Face-to-face / Live Online Class
  • Preliminary Test
  • Comprehensive Review
  • Review materials (pdf)
  • Post-Assessments
  • Practice Tests

3. Merge Review Center


Merge Review Center, established in 2003, stands out for over two decades in bolstering healthcare professionals’ careers. Renowned for leading nursing licensure exam prep (NLE) in the Philippines, they also focus on international nursing programs, pharmacy reviews, and more. Their expertise extends to facilitating placements in North America and the Middle East. Merge’s dedication to fostering success in the healthcare sector makes it an exceptional choice for IELTS review among aspiring global nurses and healthcare practitioners.

4. Carl Balita Review Center


The Carl E. Balita Review Center (CBRC) shines as a beacon of excellence in IELTS review among the wide selection of educational institutions in the Philippines. Established in 2004 by visionary Dr. Carl E. Balita, CBRC quickly propelled from a single office to a grand network of over 125 branches nationwide. Offering more than mere exam preparation, CBRC integrates comprehensive review programs with a holistic approach, covering education, health sciences, and more. By also dispersing rich educational materials and orchestrating large-scale professional events, CBRC is more than a review center—it’s a cornerstone for aspirants aiming for global competence.

Carl Balita Review Program:

  • Face-to-Face / Online Lectures
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Review Materials
  • Online Platform



CEVAS stands as a beacon of excellence in the IELTS review scene, recognized by the Asia Pacific Excellence Awards and Consumer’s Choice Awards. This top-tier center commits to propelling students to success with unlimited nursing board exam reviews, affordable yet high-quality education, and the support of university topnotcher instructors. With flexible group or one-on-one sessions, premium materials, and rigorous mock exams, CEVAS isn’t just a review center—it’s a launchpad for professionals aiming to soar in the global arena.

CEVAS Review Program:

  • Group Classes / One-on-one coaching
  • Unlimited Review until passing the exam
  • Mock examination and testing