Image Enhancement and Power Dressing Seminar for Tourism Students

In line with their subject “Tourism Internship 1”  the 4th year students of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism underwent a seminar entitled “Image Enhancement and Power Dressing” last August 5, 2014 at the Multi Purpose Hall of the Tropical Campus.

The seminar focused on the goal of building self – esteem and confidence through proper dressing and posture improvement. The seminar also touched on the basics of dressing up in corporate attire, mixing and matching of clothes, and wardrobe essentials for the tourism industry practitioners.

The resource speaker for the seminar was Ms. Leizel Obuga, Directress of the MSI Modeling School, and a noted Personality Development Trainer and Image Consultant.

Ms.Obuga shared her experiences and expertise not only through lectures but through activities that allowed the students to practice proper posture; how to walk and sit with grace and dignity. The training received a very high satisfaction rating from the students. Many of them claimed that the training they received enabled them to be more confident of their appearance.

“She is a very good and effective trainer.” remarked one of the Seniors, “She taught us how to stand, walk, sit, as well as, relate with people.”

“I will never forget her tips,“ another student said. “‘Stomach in, chest out, back straight, chin up!’ Maintaining 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock stance… basically everything she taught us are now being practiced regularly. She is very good.”

More activities are being planned by the College of Business Education and Tourism to prepare its students to be ready to face the world with confidence and to truly become Movers of Society.

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