IN2ITION 2023: Shaping the Future of Technology and Internet Governance

IN2ITION 2023: Shaping the Future of Technology and Internet Governance

IN2ITION 2023, the 2nd Philippine Youth Internet Governance Forum, took place at Southville International School and Colleges, where experts and technology enthusiasts gathered to explore the future of technology and its impact on Internet governance. The event revolved around the captivating theme of “Emerging Technologies in the New Normal,” providing a platform for insightful discussions and empowering the youth to shape the digital landscape.

Led by Dr. Aris Ignacio, Dean of SISC College of Information Technology and Engineering, the forum featured a distinguished lineup of speakers who shared their expertise and insights.

Dr. Donald Patrick Lim, Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME and Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation, delved into “Philippines 3.0: The Future of Technology,” shedding light on exciting developments and their implications.

Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos, Lead Advocate at Better Internet PH, focused on “Philippine Policy and Emerging Internet Technologies,” highlighting the need for balanced policy considerations in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Tirso Raymond “TR Mon” Gutierrez, Chief of Staff at the Office of E-Government, Department of Information and Communication Technology, delivered a keynote address on “Accelerating Citizen Experience Through E-Governance,” underscoring the importance of e-governance in enhancing citizen engagement.

Malvin Ralph Ceñidoza, Director for Solutions Consulting at Novare Technologies, presented on “Revolutionizing Total Experience in the Philippine Society,” showcasing the transformative power of technology in shaping society.

Joseph Felix Pacamarra, Co-Founder and CEO of Cyber Security Philippines CERT, shed light on the “Targeted Dangers of Cyberspace: Fakenews, Deepfake, Scams and Extortion,” addressing critical challenges posed by malicious activities in the digital realm.

Tala Lorena Alzona, Co-Founder of Reinventing Play or Re-Play, delivered a captivating presentation titled “Technology with a Heart: Empowering the Next Generation of IT Professionals in Creating a Mindful and Empathetic Future,” emphasizing the importance of ethical and empathetic technology practices.

Sydney Dondon, CEO of Calibr8, explored “Responsible Advertising for Today’s Digital Marketers,” delving into the ethical considerations surrounding digital marketing practices.

Michael Lance Domagas, Community Manager at the Philippine Information Technology Organization, introduced the audience to “Generative AI,” unveiling the potential of artificial intelligence in generating creative outputs.

Michelle Alarcon, President and Managing Director of Z-Lift Solutions and Board of Trustee/President of the Analytics Association of the Philippines, provided an introduction to “Analytics and AI,” emphasizing the role of data analytics in driving insights and innovation.

IN2ITION 2023 featured discussions on the future of technology, policy considerations, e-governance, cybersecurity, responsible advertising, and the potential of artificial intelligence and analytics. The event aimed not only to provide valuable insights but also to inspire the youth to actively participate in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of emerging technologies and their impact on internet governance.

As the curtains closed on IN2ITION 2023, participants were reminded that the future lies in their hands. It is their responsibility to wield technology wisely and ethically for a better digital future.

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