International Baccalaureate students launch Art Exhibit 2022: #equalityIB

International Baccalaureate students launch Art Exhibit 2022: #equalityIB

Experience of gender inequality is an issue that plagues society, continuously restricting and hindering others from attaining their full potential. Efforts to bring awareness to this long-standing issue have reached the youth who no longer tolerate it, and hence, stand up against it.

Southville International School and Colleges’ International Baccalaureate (IB) students have made the initiative to launch their own Art Exhibit this 2022 with the theme #equalityIB. It has two main goals in mind: help raise awareness about inequalities going on in the community & use creativity as a means to express and deliver the message of gender inequality in learning environments.

With their creativity, the students branched out into different forms of art to promote their movement. They created poems, infographics, music, and illustrations to support their cause. Through these platforms, they hope to voice out their thoughts and encourage fellow students to stand for the same.

One IB student, Jiwon Jin, shared her artwork which is the third piece in the illustrations collection. Her piece shows a spotlight lighting up both male and female student mannequins, emphasizing that both genders can shine when they receive the same amount of light.

Art in various forms stimulates the mind of its audience with its message and creativity. The artists of #equalityIB takes viewers one step closer to understanding and inciting the positive change everyone would like to see, no matter how big or small.

You may support and promote #equalityIB by visiting the exhibit online at:

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