Is the child gifted?


What constitutes Giftedness?

Officially, the definition is three percent of the student population, and with an I.Q. of over one hundred and forty. This varies from country to country, but the more able should not be confused with gifted. More able is defined as the top 15 percent. The needs of the gifted are equal to those with learning difficulties-both groups need guidance and appropriate challenges.

In most countries, the needs of the less able are more supported than those of the gifted child. Because perhaps these needs are more observed and apparent. The following are characteristic demonstrated by the gifted child, though only a guide:

  • Untidy handwriting-more apparent in boys
  • Lack of motivation in repeating exercises.
  • Unpopular with the peer group-lack of communication
  • Bored with school

“I.B. is the doorway to success and gives the gifted children the means to channel their ability into achieving their optimum performance.”

Imagine placing a student in a class of very small or very tall students, or placing a student in a class of foreign speaking children. Or, in a class of very young children… the results would be obvious. Out of place and just not fitting in-that is how many gifted children see themselves-even having a sort of dual language base, one for their peers and one for normal conversation. Very frustrating! Girls seem to be able to cope with giftedness easier than boys-they tolerate their frustrations. Therefore boys seem to be identified as gifted more speedily than girls.

All students want to be comfortable and to be challenged. International Baccalaureate provides a perfect opportunity for the gifted child to shine-the sky is the limit! All subject areas are open to intense and stimulating challenge. I.B. is the doorway to success and gives the gifted children the means to channel their ability into achieving their optimum performance.

Of course, the gifted child is normally only so talented in one or two specific areas. The range of I.B. subjects should provide an open door to them, be it Math or Theatre Arts, for example. International Baccalaureate is an excellent way to channel these abilities. The staffs are highly qualified to support your student, and look forward to it! The staff direct and guide, but the student is the one that shines and overtakes the faculty, in many cases.

Please consider international Baccalaureate as the way forward for your gifted child.

Mr. John Wraith is currently teaching in Southville International School and Colleges as an IB English Language and Literature and Theory of Knowledge teacher. He did a series of lessons with gifted children at Westminster University which were  featured by the BBC.

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